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We does not collect any personal information from any of your use of our App. All photos and app data are stored securely in your private iCloud account and nowhere else.


Revolutionise your crafting journey with Maker Log, a dedicated journaling and financial tracking app for hobbyists and artisans alike. Keep tabs on your creative projects, log your progress, and monitor income and expenses seamlessly to maximise your craft’s value.

Here’s how Maker Log enhances your crafting experience: - Project Journaling: Document each step of your crafting process for future reference or to share your creative journey. - Financial Tracking: Our app’s standout feature; add income and expense transactions for each project, turning your hobby into a viable financial overview. - In-depth Analytics: Use our graphical representations to analyze your financial patterns, helping you make informed decisions for your craft. - Transaction History: Keep a detailed record of all your financial transactions, accessible at a glance. - Bonus Features: Benefit from iCloud syncing, progress monitoring, and reminders to help keep your projects on track.

With a user-friendly interface, Maker Log is perfect for beginners and experienced crafters. Download now and redefine your crafting journey with Maker Log!

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